...and so it goes.


My name is Aric Frank, I am a Producer, Audio Engineer, and Musician of 18 years. I am legally blind and have always relied heavily on my hearing. Music was a natural fit for me. I started off "looking and not touching" in my Father's studios around the age of 15. By 19 I was allowed to touch some things and set up a mic or two. At 23 I attained an Associate of Arts degree in "Recording and Music Technology" from the Madison Media Institute in Madison Wisconsin. From that point on, I like most musicians, have been all over. My path has gone from Wisconsin to Los Angeles and ultimately Sarasota Florida. I have worked with all walks and love nothing more than when something new comes into my path. The diversity of music and talents has always kept my mind in the game of creation. I continue to find new ideas, techniques, and sounds that fuel me. The biggest source of my love and passion for production and creativity comes from the fact that there is simply "no wrong answer." Pushing the bounds, trying new things, and yet being mindful of staying true to the timelessness of the art of recording are the fundamentals of my style and ethos.

That brings us to today. Nova Sango Productions has been very fortunate to find a new home at the former Telstar Studio here in Sarasota. This studio has a very storied past. It was originally built in the late 70s when a garage recording set-up out grew it's shell. Fortunately it got to move into a new shell designed by John Storyk. John Storyk is a very well-known studio designer who has done over 3000 world-class audio recording studios. His first project was Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland. Storyk has also done private studios for Bob Marley, Jay-Z, and Bruce Springsteen to name just a few. Telstar and all of the names it has had since has hosted some incredible artists ranging from Gregg Allman/Allman Brothers Band, Metallica, Billy Corgan to Cher and Pro-Pain and all sorts in between. For the past few years the studio has been left as just bones  of what it once was. 

In March of 2013 I met Christian Land (then tenant of the studio) completely by chance as most good things go. Chris was the tenant at the time calling the studio "the Cabin." During the week leading up to the official launch of Nova Sango Productions Chris called and turned the studio fully over to me. I spent that first year piloting the ship solo and charting the waters. In August 2014 Rob Caldwell came onboard as engineer/producer and general co-conspirator.  Rob continuously adds to our tremendous attention to detail and commitment to quality without comprimising the vibe and process of creation.

As always we have continued to go "right foot, left foot" wading through the journey of sailing this ship once again and letting sound fill it's air. I welcome and encourage all to be a part of the voyage!