a brief explanation.

Nova Sango? What exactly does Nova Sango mean? Nova Sango is Esperanto for
"New Blood."

Gone are the days of catering to one genre, one idea, one group of people. Nova Sango Productions looks to further solidify the ideals of a creative community with no boundaries. The notion that there is common ground and new territory to be explored and exposed creatively through sound.

...:::Now is the time for "New Blood.":::...

Nova Sango is housed in Sarasota's oldest purpose-built recording studio, originally dubbed TelStar Studios. Our rooms were design by world-famous studio designer John Storyk. John Storyk has done over 3000 world-class audio recording studios. His first project was Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland. Storyk has also done private studios for Bob Marley, Jay-Z,  and Bruce Springsteen as well as Alicia Keys' "Jungle City" to name just a few. TelStar and all of the names it has had since has been fortunate to host some incredible artists ranging from Gregg Allman/Allman Brothers Band, Black Crowes, Warren Haynes (Gov't Mule) all the way to Pro-Pain and all sorts up to our taking over.

Today at Nova Sango Productions we strive to and pride ourselves on providing a professional environment with enough of a relaxed feel to remain comfortable while productive. The energy in our storied walls invites creative flow and everyone is welcomed by that. The "feel" of our live room and control room is something our clients often comment on along with the distinct sound and listening experience.
There is simply no exchanging working in a well designed acoustic environment both for tracking and mixing. This is, in our opinion, the most clear aspect to see/hear when differentiating between home and professional recordings and services.


Aric Frank - Rob Caldwell